Vertical blinds can be fitted into almost any room in a villa or apartment.


Vertical blinds are practical and versatile  enhancing the decor of any room and they offer great control over how much light enters a room.

We have over 250 colours and various textures in our range of vertical blinds.Including plain, patterned and Jacquard materials allowing you to create the look you require. We can offer a range of heavyweight and special performance fabrics such as flame retardant , dim out and black out materials.


When vertical blinds are completely closed they can provide privacy and whilst you are away from your home they can protect the furniture and furnishings  from the strong Spanish sunlight.


These blinds are versatile as they can be tilted to provide light and privacy or they can be drawn back fully allowing uninterrupted views if required.


If you want to fit blinds to in a kitchen or bathroom which can be steamy we can supply fabrics that are suitable for these areas. Fabrics that are water resistant, they can also be wiped clean and some can be washed in the washing machine!! This type of fabric is ideal for patio doors etc where people are passing through with bodies covered in suncream or with sticky fingers!!!!!!


It is possible to choose two different colours for the louvres or even two different textures to create a stunning effect. 

We can now offer a soft cloth collection which means we can now offer on selected ranges, cushion covers, lampshades and bed and table runners in the same fabric as your Verticals blinds to help you put the finishing touches to your room design.


                      Vertical Blinds chocolate and cream                                                        

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds in contrasting colours

Vertical Blinds Red and Cream



All Fabrics available in 2 Louvre widths 89mm ( 3.5 inches) or 127mm (5 inches)

All fabrics are priced individually, so prices will change accordingly.