Persianas Outside Roller Blinds

Many Spanish homes are fitted with outside roller blinds that can be dropped from inside the house. In Spain these are called persianas.

The main object is to keep the house cool, and you will see many spanish houses with their persianas shut during the heat of the day. They are fitted to come down over a window to give shade. security and privacy and are usually operated from inside the room by a cord or sometimes they are worked by an electric motor. 

However many people experience problems with these blinds, often if a property is rented out and  the renters are a little heavy handed with the persianas as this can result in damage.

Persiana can be described in so many different  ways and when we receive a phone call about one that needs repairing  it can often be a guessing game as to want the problem could  to start off with, as people describe a persiana in many different ways as  they do not know the correct word, roller blinds, metal rollers or window shutters, are a few of the easier descriptions we have come across.

Usually we get a call when someone cannot open a persiana and  so therefore cannot  get any light into a room or even worst  cannot get out to their balcony!!!!!!

Problems include broken cords, broken slats or just not working. 

Over the last couple of years we have braved the  many different ways persianas have been fitted and can now offer a repair service, every repair job is a journey into the unknown as every house seems to have a different style of persiana fitted,  but usually ends with a repair being made that day or within a few days if more spares are needed!!!!