Fly Screens


 Mosquito and Fly Screens.



 We offer a range of maintenance free insect screens which can be mounted on to your existing window frames.

These include sliding screen that fit onto existing window frames or onto custom-made tracks.  Roller screens which fit to the top of the window and can be opened and closed so they are out of sight when not in use and for small windows we can supply fixed screens.

For doors we can supply three types of screen.  These are two types of side roller, one of which is the same as the one fitted to windows only it moves side ways and not up and down and now a new one which moves to the side but is not spring-loaded and so is easier to use (see below).  The third type is a concertina type. We can now also supply the American style screen door which comes complete with its own frame and opens the same way as a normal door.


The screens are constructed from aluminium and come in a range of colours.

White is the standard colour and there is an extra charge for brown, green and wood grain effect frames and other colours.


So whether it is just one window that requires screening or your entire house, contact us for the solution.  


The screens offer 100% screening against insects and are made to measure to fit the specific dimensions of your windows.

                 Fly Screens sliding door                       


Fly Screen sliding door 2

We now have a new range of roller insect screen doors which are stronger than the older type.

below are photos of the sample.

new insect door fully open 

new insect screen door half open

 new insect door fuly closed
These are available with white frames as above or in a colour to match your window and door frames.
American style screen doors
We can also supply and fit American style screen doors if you prefer.