Awnings can provide shade for those outside areas that would otherwise be too hot to use.

There is a range a styles of awnings with a wide range of fabric colours allowing you to personalize and enhance your outside living space.

Photos of the various styles of awning can be viewed in the Gallery 

All awnings come with a 7 year guarantee on the fabric and a 3 year guarantee on the mechanical parts

Repairs can be carried out on awnings, replacing fabric or arms or winding mechanisms


New covers can be made for gazebos.



Roller awnings can be fitted to a wall of a property that can be operated by a simple handle to roll out and provide shade.



Concertina awnings are usually fitted to a wooden pergola or between two walls. If needed a metal frame can be used to hang the awning from


AND MORE...................

We can even fit side curtains or vertical roller awning  to provide shade, windbreak  and/or  privacy on terraces.

Vertical roller awnings can be   fitted to a roof top pergola creating an additional outside room.

 Vertical roller awnings  can be used to enclose your terrace to keep out the sun and wind providing a space to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Due to the change in the law concerning smoking a public places it has now become common for bars and cafes to provide an outside area for smokers which will give protection from the sun and rain  so awnings   can be fitted  in order to create an outside room for smokers in a bar etc.